About Midwest Microwave Solutions

Midwest Microwave Solutions Incorporated designs and manufactures innovative and complex RF tuner and RF digitizer products for SIGINT, COMINT, SDR, and ELINT applications.  MMS is an active member in the SOSA Consortium.

MMS was incorporated in Cedar Rapids, Iowa in May 2005, by president; Phil Rezin as an RF consulting and prototyping company.  Between 2005 and 2009, Mr. Rezin and co-founder and VP, Steve Wilson designed and developed a product line of RF tuners and digitizers. In June, 2009, DSP expert Mike Horn joined MMS as a partner and the company began independent operations in Hiawatha, Iowa.

Headquartered in Hiawatha, IOWA  

In July of 2010, MMS moved operations to a new design facility in Hiawatha, Iowa.  Hiawatha is located just outside of Cedar Rapids, which serves as the headquarters for Rockwell Collins and many other technical design and manufacturing companies. This high-tech base attracts and maintains a local concentration of engineering talent and manufacturing support infrastructure.  

In August 2015, HEICO Corporation acquired a controlling share of Midwest Microwave Solutions.  HEICO is a technology-driven aerospace, defense and electronics company.  For nearly 60 years, HEICO has served these industries with innovative products and services.  HEICO's products are found on most large commercial aircraft, regional/business aircraft and on a large variety of military aircraft, targeting systems, missiles and electro-optical devices.  HEICO, at approximately $1B in annual sales and more than 4,600 Team Members, brings tremendous financial strength to this beneficial partnership.

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MMS is part of HEICO's Electronic Technologies Group which designs and produces electrical and electro-optical systems/components serving niche segments of the space, aircraft, defense, communications and computer industries.  HEICO's Electronic Technologies Group focuses on quality, service and dependability for our valued customers and specializes in designing and manufacturing state-of-the-art products with unique electronic architectures. The Electronic Technologies Group operates in 19 facilities where more than 275  engineers and engineering professionals, along with approximately 1,500 technical and support Team Members continuously design and upgrade a wide array of proprietary products. 

Experienced Team of Experts

The MMS engineering team has over 200 years of combined experience with engineers previously holding high level positions at technology and manufacturing companies including Watkins Johnson, Rockwell Collins and Softronics Ltd. MMS employs 26 Team Members, including 14 engineers.  The core team has a long history of success developing state of the art receivers, tuners and DSP engines.   

MMS’s RF products feature miniature, high dynamic range front ends tunable from 100kHz-70GHz  that include embedded preselect filters and low noise, fast tuning synthesizers. The RF digitizer products feature open-architecture, customer flashable DSP’s & FPGA’s, time tagging, and up to 80MHz of digitized spectrum.

Midwest Microwave Solutions also provides very Quick Reaction Capability (QRC) to support customers as requirements and threats continually change.