Wideband Dual Channel Phase Coherent Network Controlled Microwave Tuner

4.10" x 6.91" x 1.93"
  • Two complete RF Tuners
  • 800MHz–26.5GHz tuning
  • Low power <24W
  • Fixed and tracking preselectors
  • Fast 50usec tune speed (F1-F2 scan typ)
  • Wideband IF Bandwidth
    • 500 MHz BW, centered at 1000MHz
  • -100 dBc/Hz phase noise, 100kHz offset
  • 0.5° rms phase jitter typical (10kHz-10MHz)
  • Low 14 dB noise figure
  • High 0 dBm IIP3
  • Compact and rugged package
  • Network controlled (10/100 Mb Ethernet)

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