RF Tuners

MMS RF/Microwave Tuners provide high dynamic range, fast tuning, low phase noise frequency conversion in a variety of SWAP configurations. Tuners range from 2MHz-70GHz. MMS has a product to meet your needs. MMS tuners provide standard IF's of 70MHz & 140MHz & others available. IF bandwidths range from 300kHz-500MHz in L-C and SAW configurgations. Control interfaces include RS-232 and Ethernet. The new ST product line includes spectral display capability over Ethernet control.

NT-39G and NT-918G

Ultra-Miniature Network Controlled Microwave Banded Tuners with AGC (3-9GHZ and 9-18GHZ versions)

ST-118/126G and ST-118-D/126G-D

1GHz-18/26GHz Miniature Wideband Microwave Tuners with Spectral Display


1-40GHz Wideband Microwave Tuner with Spectral Display


800MHz–26.5GHz Network Controlled Microwave Tuner


Wideband Dual Channel Phase Coherent Network Controlled Microwave Tuner